Vending machine: A Creative Creation

Vending machines are one of the most important creations of the mankind. In order to reduce the burden human always finds a way of automation of the process. He always creates a machine to work on his behalf. One such creation is vending machine.

To describe the vending machines one can say these are the machines that accept the money in the form of coins from the user and deliver the item required by the user. The things in which it deals are tea, cigarettes, alcohols, condoms, cold drinks, lotteries tickets, coffee, snacks, toffees, etc. It also deals in the valuable items like gold coins, silver coins, and other gems and precious stones.

The work of Hero of Alexandria was the first place where the idea of vending machines was mentioned for the very first time. The current form of machine differs from that one. The first modern vending machine was used in London, England.

The concept of working machine is very simple. What you need to understand is that there is a simple arrangement of levers and bar in the machine. When the user inserts a coin into the machine it falls on the bar inside the machine. Then this bar will open the slot from where the item to be delivered is to a section inside the machine. Finally the machine delivers the item to the user.

Now a day these vending machines are also accepting the credit cards reducing the over heads.

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